4 Surfing Tips Every Beginners Should Know!

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So you want to be a surfer?  We will start with this 4 surfing tips every beginner should know. While it’s a hard and dangerous sport, you still need to learn the theory and principle of surfing.

But no matter how many times you read this article or any other articles, you won’t actually learn how to surf until you try it yourself.

You can’t learn how to surf from google search, website, or blogs! Go with your friends that know how to surf, find a community, or hire surf coach.” 

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Learning how to surf for beginners is a fun and difficult journey but there is no better feeling than being out on the water, with the sun shining with perfect waves rolling in. 

For the first-timer, learning the principles and surf theory could be boring, Well, who want to read thousands of words. But trust me, I’ve hurt myself when I got onto my first waves without learning the basic. You need to know the basic of surfing, paddling, and learn more about the waves and surfing equipment.

Riding your first wave is easy, that is what’s cool about surfing. Just be prepared to be hooked and spend the rest of your life chasing the perfect wave.

Surfing is Difficult & Dangerous

Surfing is indeed difficult. But just like all sports, or all things, the first time is always difficult. But what makes surfing different is that surfing is dangerous!

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You may sit on the beach and then see surfers ride on the waves and it looks easy then you want to try. Well, I did, and I hit a reef and ended up paying millions (IDR) to the hospital bill. So, first of, you need to know where to surf. Learn these different types of surf breaks.

But what do I get? The excitement! It’s like no other sports can beat the excitement! While most other sports are competing against one another, in surfing you compete against the waves, a mother nature itself!

Just weeks after recovery, I got back to learn to surf. This time with a friendly guide with BGS Crew. And trust me, once you catch the very first wave, you are trapped with excitement!

Wisely Choose Surfboard and Surf Equipment

surfing tips
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I had a very fun and challenging first session because I used my friend’s board that is specifically made for him, not me. The board is a shortboard type with a thruster fin setup. While I had a fun ride (read: play time), it was difficult for me to stay on board.

So a friendly tip for beginner, go for a more volume longboard. It helps you paddle easier and float. You can learn more about what the surfing equipment for beginners is.

The next thing is to learn how to choose surfboards for beginners & how to choose surf fins to compliment each other. If you are feeling better with your ability, you can pick any boards once you learn on how to read surf breaks.

Choose surf spot that fits your ability

This surfing tip is extremely important. It can determine whether you have the best time of your life or the worst. Location isn’t only based on the spot itself but you also have to take the tide and size of the swell into consideration as well.

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I got injured because my first-time surf was at Dreamland beach. It is not really a good spot for beginners because of the reef. So yeah, I hit the reef and ended up paying millions IDR.

So for beginners, there are best surf spots for beginners in Bali that are good for both beginners and experienced surfers but vary depending on the tides and the swell. For most beginners, a higher tide and sand bottom is better since it will keep you safer from hitting the reef.

This is especially important when surfing over reef or rocks. Don’t be afraid to ask around they will give you more surfing tips if you are beginners – or eager to learn. You see other surfers, be honest with them and most of the time they will be happy to help.

They would rather have you safe and surfing the right conditions for your level then putting yourself in danger or getting in the way. Also, do your research online, there are many great websites that will break down each spot and give you advice on best tide and swell size for each ability level.

Theory first, action later.

surfing tips for beginners

So you know how to swim? That’s not enough. You need to learn the theory and principles of surfing before hitting the waves. It will help you getting better and know what to do.

It may sounds boring, but go to surf lesson or surf coach. They will help you with the basics and you will get more insights about surfing. At least, you are one step ahead with surfing.

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One thing for sure, you need to learn the rules or the unspoken rules of surfing. There are quite a few rules in surfing but the main thing for beginner is to not let go of your board and stay within your comfort zone.

You are a beginner, so stay within your comfort zone, don’t think just because you are a beginner you deserve more attention or other surfers must look at you as beginners. No! because you are a beginner, go with beginner wave. You should learn the stage one by one.

Last is do not let go of your surfboard. It could hit someone else. You should know when to ditch your board or when to hold on.

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5 Responses

  1. Thank you for reminding your readers that they should only stay surfing on waves that they are comfortable with and don’t over explore. My son is only seven but since we live near the beach and he had seen it from his brother, he told me that he wants to try surfing, too. I didn’t agree at first, only because I want to surprise him with a paddleboard and a SUP Wheels Evolution for better transport on his 8th birthday.

  2. I found it interesting when you explained that it is important to have the right board for the type of wave conditions you will be surfing in. My wife and I would like to go somewhere tropical for our anniversary this year, and we were thinking it would be a good idea to learn how to surf while we are there. It seems like it would be a good idea for us to start looking for someone we can take lessons from once we get there.

  3. In this article we come to know about 4 surfing tips every beginner should know. This article give us proper details about this issue. Such content must be made more and more available. Great blog indeed, will visit again future to read more!!

  4. It was really helpful when you said to go for more volume when choosing a surfboard. My brother was telling me last night about how he wants to look into finding a surfing instructor to see so that he can learn how to surf, and he wanted to know some tips since he is a beginner. I’ll make sure to pass these tips along to him as he searches for an instructor that can help him.

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