Best Complete Surfboards Fins Guide : How to Choose Fins Setup

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Choosing the right surfboards fins comes down to a lot more than just material, or price. You should know the differences before buying.

Have you ever decided to go all out and spend your entire paycheck on a new surfboard to take it out once and hate it? It happens and it sucks! But, before you give up, try different fins. The board will ride completely different simply by changing the fin size and setup. The board can be your new magic board with a simple fin switch.

Often unspoken, having the right surfboards for the waves and fins setup on your board will completely change the ride and performance of the surfboard. Understanding how different fin setups will change your surfing forever. Fins are as important as the board itself. They are what give the surfboard stability, control and drive. You would never put flat worn out tires on a race car, why put cheap plastic fins on your performance surfboard.

Do 150$ surfboards fins really make a difference? Absolutely! When picking surfboards fins, the cheap plastic skegs are just an average sized and flex fin, they are generic. But, when buying performance fins all aspects of the surfer are taken into account. Weight of the surfer, style of surfing, size of waves, and desired performance. When picking out your personal fins, be sure to be honest about what you can do on a surfboard and how you want your surfboard to react. Buy surfboards fins online only at BGS Bali Surf Shop.

What’s the difference between Surfboards Fins setups?

Single Fin Setup

surfboards fins single fin

The OG the original, the single fin was the first fins setup used on a surfboard. Now seen mainly on longboards. The single fin is great for holding a line but it doesn’t generate speed. The Single fin is making a comeback with groovy hipsters and the soul surfers because the fin doesn’t generate much speed you take what the wave offers. Best for cruising and enjoying the feeling of the wave.

Twin Fin Setup

fins setup twin fin

The twin fin setup was introduced to be really quick and lively. Popularized by Mark Richards in the last 1970’s after winning 4 world titles. The downside of the twin fin, although blazing fast, is that they are a bit loose and tend to spin out when doing a big bottom turn in bigger waves. Twin fins make for a very loose, drifting ride. They have a very “skaty” feel, similar to skateboarding.

Thruster Fin Setup (Tri Fins)

fins setup tri fin
futures john john flex tri setup

Nowadays, the Thruster 3 fin setup is the most common configuration and can be found on every shape and size surfboard. Created by Simon Anderson in 1980. Tri-fins perform well because they add stability, control, and maneuverability. Great for rippable days, the thruster gives you the performance to pivot and turn when you want it. They hold great in steep and hollow conditions and allow vertical surfing which has lead to above the lip surfing.

Quad Fin Setup (4 Fins)

fins setup quad fin

Quad fins are best in giving you more hold or bite into the wave face. Because clustered closer together, quads fins also allow you to turn in a tighter arc.

What’s the difference in fins system?

There are two main brands when it comes to your fin box. You have FCS, and Futures. The question is though, which is better FCS or Futures fins? That is a question you will have to answer for yourself but here is some information to help you decide.Our one piece of advice, once you choose a fin box stick be prepared to stay with them. Fins are expensive and should last for many surfboards, you should be able to keep your fins and find the right fins for every board and every wave.

FCS II Fins System

FCS fin systems were the first company to really gain support in the surf community and corner the market with removable fins. Now on their second generation of fin systems the FCS II. The FCS II system are designed to perform at the highest level by connecting the 3 essential elements in surfing; the surfer, the surfboard and the wave.When paired with fins from the FCS II fin range, it’s now possible to install and remove your fins in seconds without the need for any screws or tools, so you’ll be in the line up faster.

But, the system is not perfect and they have been known to fall out randomly or be a real headache when trying to remove them. FCS is still the most popular and easiest surfboards fins to find worldwide. They also offer the biggest variety of fins on the market.

Futures Fins System

As SurferToday said “Futures fins system is considered to be user-friendly” It simply because you can easily remove and change them for a new setup. Even when they break, you just have to replace the fins because instead of repairing the surfboards. It is because futures fins are considered stronger not attached directly to the boards.

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