A Guide to Shipping & Airline Charges for Surfboard in Indonesia (2020)

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We made this list to help you understand how the shipping & airline charges within and from Indonesia. Shipping surfboards to other countries from Bali, Indonesia, can be more expensive than the surfboard itself. That’s even before import taxes!

This is the question we usually got from our customers about surfboards shipment within Indonesia or to another Countries. Especially when we have this DHD & Pyzel Sale.

Indonesia has most beautiful surf spots, the problem is that they all are in different places separated by sea and lands. And the transportation infrastructure is not that good either. Well sometime, the most remote places have the best surf spots.

For some cases, It is way cheaper for you to buy tickets, have a good time surfing in Bali, buy surfing equipment at BGS Bali, then buy a ticket back to your favourite spots. Some airlines only charge IDR200k per surfboard.

We will separate this list per Airline charges, Courier Charge, and Cargo Charges, complete with the details.

Airline Charges on Surfboard

This is the airline charges on surfboard for domestic flights and some apply to international flights.

Garuda Indonesia Charges on Surfboard

Garuda Indonesia offers free charge for ONE sport equipment including surfboard maximum 23kg with dimension less than 300cm. If you have two surfboards and weight less than 23kg, then only one surfboard is free, the other one will be charged to your Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) or pay extra charge.

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However, there are exceptions depend aircraft type:

  • For CRJ 1000: < 23 kg: Dim: < 230 cm
  • For ATR: < 23 kg; Dim: < 160 cm

The available extra charge depends on your flight route. You can pre- book extra baggage for surfboards by contacting Garuda Indonesia.

If your surfboard is more than 32kg and exceed 300cm, then it won’t be flying with you. You will be redirected to proceed with GA cargo.

Lion Air Charges on Surfboards

Lion Air charges IDR200k per surfboard with maximum length 155cm. It’s somehow not ideal because most surfboards length are more than 155cm + with board bag.

You need to pay the extra charge at check-in counter on the Airport. Hate to say this but the beauty of Indonesian is, you can “negotiate” that thing.  it’s up to the discretion of the check in desk to allow anything longer.

AirAsia Charges on Surfboards

Lucky you guys from Australia or flying to Australia. AirAsia offers free charge for 1 surfboard only for flight from and to Australia. The surfboard must not exceed 277cm.

But AirAsia charges pretty cheap for domestic flights within Indonesia or to any other countries beside Australia. You can simply add sports equipment with different price or weight on their App / website when booking your ticket.

BatikAir Charges on Surfboards

BatikAir charges IDR200k per surfboards on all flights. But they limit the maximum only at 165cm. Again, pay at the check in counter and it’s up to the staff there.

Shipping Surfboards by Couriers

JNE & J&T are the two reliable couriers for shipping your surfboards within Indonesia. To check the price, you can visit their website. But please note that these couriers don’t count the weight by “pure” weight. As for surfboards, they will count per Volume.

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The volume calculator is height x weight x thick / 5000 (some couriers use 6000 and some use 5000), after that you will get Volume value in kg. After that you can put this number on their tariff tool to check the price. Here’s JNE Tariff Calculator and J&T Tariff Calculator.

From our experience on sending surfboards the real volume can be up to 30kg with Wood Packaging included. Also the shipment can takes up to 3-5 days (before corona) and during corona can be up to 1 week.

Shipping Surfboards by Cargo

Sometimes if the customers want super fast shipment, we use air cargo with these Cargo Company. the shipment can take up to 2 days, or even a day, depending on the flight available from Bali to destinations.

The price for air cargo vary depends on destination. Bali to Jogja base price for Air Cargo is IDR35k per kg minimum 10kg. So for one surfboard (at 30kg volume) you are looking at rp1,050,000.

The only problem is for some areas (Mentawai, Medan, or remote places) you have to get the board yourself at the airport. And you need to pay Airport Warehouse fee. To give you clear picture, warehouse fee in Bali is IDR20k per night.

They do offer door-to-door service, but then again will take up to 3-5 days and the locations covered by their service is not as big as JNE & J&T.

Beside air cargo, these cargo company has land cargo service. It can take up to 5 days to 2 weeks depending on destination location. We recommend this Land Cargo if you have like more than 3 boards to ship because minimum is 100KG. It is way cheaper and especially at this time of Corona Virus.

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For an example, Bali to Jogja base price via land is 7500 per kg minimum 100kg. We sent 2 boards to Jogjakarta for only 750,000 and still have 60KG quota left. So if we can maximize the quota, we can send like 5 boards with only 750.000.

The price is again depends on destination locations and sometimes limited to area covered by their offices. These DNB & Indah Cargo have most area covered by their services. You can check the price for Indah Cargo directly on their website. For DNB, you need to call their sales representative.

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