25 Insider Tips For Your Trip To Bali!

padang padang beach sunset view

Heading to Bali? Curious about what should you bring? check out this list of 25 tips on what to bring and how to prepare yourself for your upcoming trip to Bali! Wear a helmet anytime you’re on a scooter. Bring sunscreen, you can buy it in Bali but it can cost you around $25/bottle. Don’t […]

6 Exciting Things To Do in Bukit When The Waves Go Flat!

kecak dance at pura luhur uluwatu

Never a dull moment in the Bukit – Things to do in Bukit when the waves go flat or your board is at ding repairer. Even if you’re on a full send surf trip in Bali, you might get a bit surfed out or just need a day off to let your body recover. Luckily, Bali […]

5 Astounding Beaches in Uluwatu You Should Visit!

balangan beach

Bali’s known for its breathtaking beaches, pumping surf, and spiritual retreats. Salty hair, sun-kissed skin and that book you’ve been dying to get stuck into for months beach life doesn’t get much better than that. Whether you are looking for isolated stretches of soft, white sand, secret coves directly under towering limestone cliffs, or black sand […]

5 Best Ding Repair in Uluwatu Area

ding repair

We have created a list of ding repair in the Uluwatu area to make your life easier when hunting for a shop to do the repairs. Uluwatu is known for some of the best reef breaks in Bali. They are unforgiving, powerful, and relentless on your body and your surf equipment. One thing is for […]

4 Surfing Tips Every Beginners Should Know!

beginners learn to surf

So you want to be a surfer?  We will start with this 4 surfing tips every beginner should know. While it’s a hard and dangerous sport, you still need to learn the theory and principle of surfing. But no matter how many times you read this article or any other articles, you won’t actually learn […]

Recommended Surfboards for 5 Different Types of Surf Breaks

recommended surfboards

A surfers’ quiver is the mechanics tool box, you need the right board for the right job. Having the right tool for any job is make or break. Surfing is no different, having the right board for the given conditions and your abilities can be the difference in catching 0 waves or 20. For beginners […]

2018 Rip Curl Padang Padang Cup Final

jack robinson won 2018 rip curl padang padang cup

16 of the worlds best tube riders gathered this week in Bali’s Bukit peninsula for the 2018 Rip Curl Padang Padang Cup Final. The invitation-only event was made up of 8 international and 8 Indonesian surfers. 4 of the Indonesian surfers had to battle their way through a local trials competition to get a wild […]