5 Reasons Why You Should Do Custom Surfboards

Why go stock if you can do Custom Surfboards? Here are the 5 reasons to convince you!
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Remember the excitement you had when buying your first brand new surfboard and trying to treasure it from getting any scratches? You even bought a surfboard bag to keep it safe from any possible accidents and keep it in its best condition before its ride.

Well, the feeling must be so genuine and exciting to the point that you still remember it up to this day.

Now, let’s imagine something different. You get this brand new surfboard, but it is a special surfboard made only for you and you are the only reason for its existence. There isn’t anything like the board before and when you bring it to the spot, you are the only one who has that board.

Sounds more exciting, right? Especially in choosing the best surfboard is depends on yourself. You need to do custom surfboard made only for you and is designed based on your needs and wishes. That’s why no one will ever have the same board as your custom surfboard.

If this reason isn’t enough to excite you to go custom surfboards, then there are plenty other reasons why you should have one. Take a look at these 5 reasons why you should go custom surfboards.

The difference between stock dimension board and custom surfboard

It’s known that every single person in this world is unique with their own characteristics. Every person has different sizes and body shapes, including yourself.

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Even though the sizes and shapes can be usually generalized into some categories, like what happens on the stock dimension boards, there’s nothing better than having something accustomed to meet your needs.

As an essential surfing equipment, custom surfboard is designed to fit you perfectly. In the process, the shapers will need to ask you about the information needed to build the best surfboard for you.

After all, you are the one who knows what’s best for you, what you need, and how you usually ride the waves. With the help of the shapers, you’ll get the best one out of the one that you get by picking one with stock dimensions.

Now, if you can have something that suits you perfectly, why bother buying one that’s not in your needs? This leads you to another reason; spending your money wisely and appropriately.

Getting what you want

You won’t be able to get your name written on your board or having a board that is in shock pink color with a picture of a rainbow and a unicorn crossing the rainbow if you buy one from the rack.

Well, this might not be the perfect image to picture your dream board. But you get the idea. You can always make your wildest picture of how your dream board is going to look like when you go custom surfboard.

You can always make your dream board come to life and get whatever you want on it. If you like exclusivity, then custom surfboard is the answer.

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Enhancing your performance

Since the board is shaped in accordance with your needs, then it will perfectly fit you. And it only makes sense that a surfboard that can perfectly fit you will bring the best of yourself out to the world.

It’s best to custom a surfboard in the area where you are going to surf since every place has different type of waves and every surfer has different body shapes, sizes, and ways of surfing.

A surfboard that is shaped according to your needs will help to enhance your strengths and manage your weaknesses when you surf. The usual board that you can get out of the rack, even the branded one, however, will still need some adjustments to adequately reflect your way of surfing.

Having a custom surfboard that’s perfectly reflect your style, ability, and the waves that you ride, will be a help in making a much more epic surfing session where you can progress to be a more balanced surfer.

Experiencing the process

If you view surfing as art and consider it as a passion, then you will be glad to have an opportunity to witness how your board that is going to accompany your passion is made.

Most of the shapers will be open to welcome you in their garage. You can always have a wonderful experience watching how passionate they are when making your dream board come to life.

Building a relationship with the shaper

Well, the shaper might only be the one that helps you shape your dream board. However, most of them are experienced in surfing and they can be great mentor for you.

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They can be the one that helps you the most by giving beneficial tips and advice on boards and even surfing. They also know the waves and the condition around the area. So, it will be great to build a nice relationship with the shaper.

A good relationship is something priceless that you can get. Further, as you work more with the shaper, you can build a better-suited surfboard for you as the shaper understand your needs perfectly.

Besides these reasons, going custom boards will also bring a peaceful vibe to yourself as you support the craftsmen and the heart of the surf industry to continue growing.

It’s always nice to know and see for yourself that the dollar you spent could actually help others, right?

Those reasons are not just perks of doing custom surfboards. But those can be a guide for you in choosing custom surfboards dealers/shapers.

A good custom surfboards dealer should be a good listener and understand your explanation and needs. Maintain better communication between you and the dealer.

Some custom surfboards dealers offer their own-brand boards. But if you are a fan and want to go with big brands like Pyzel & DHD Surfboards, you can contact us for an in-depth consultation.

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  1. You made a great point when you said a custom surfboard is a great option so it can be customized to your body’s needs, and therefore enhance your performance. I have been thinking about starting to surf due to my boyfriend loves to surf, and I want him to teach me. I will definitely follow your advice to ensure I have the best surfboard for my needs.

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