8 Essential Surfing Equipment You Must Have 2024

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There are no difference in surfing equipment between beginners surfers and advanced surfers. These 8 essential surfing equipment list are all needed by surfers.

The only thing that makes it different between beginner surfers and advanced surfers is that advanced surfers have deep understanding of each surfing equipment and gears. Also, advanced surfers have lots of surfboards for different types of breaks.

Buying the surfing equipment can empty your bank account since they can be expensive & very costly. So, renting or borrowing surfing equipments from some friends / surf rent can be a less expensive option.

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Also, for a beginners its best to go to a surf shop then ask for a thorough consultation with their sales team. At BGS Bali Surf Shop, we have all these 8 essentials surfing equipments in stock and our saleperson (ask for the legend Komang – a surfer) can help you with. Watch his action here.

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Komang helping fellow surfers


Yes, obviously you will need a surfboard in order to start riding the waves. As a beginner, most of the time standing properly on your surfboard can be tough. But, you’ll get used to it and as time goes, you will want to invest more on your surfboard.

There are some different types of surfboards that you can find out there and selecting one that is the best for you can be challenging. The types are based on the experience levels and the waves conditions.

However for beginners, a longboard, bigger board or a foam board are more recommended as it will be less hurtful when you fall on your first learning. Learn more on how to choose surfboards for beginners in this guide.

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If you already hooked to surfing, you can learn this type of surf breaks and and have each surfboards for different type of surf breaks. Or see this reasons why you should do custom surfboards.

If you are still confused in buying Surfboards in Bali, the best choice might be to ask your surf shop attendant or someone more experienced about which type to go with.

Surf Fins

If you have decided what surfboard you will ride the waves with, then your next step is to buy surfboards fins for better board performance. Surfboards fins is a must!

Surf fins are just like the wheels of your surfboards which will provide stability and drive giving you a better performance. The most popular types of fin setups nowadays are single-fin, twin-fin, thruster, quad, and five-fin setups.

You can learn our guide on how to choose surfing fins for beginners.

Surf Leash

It is common to fall from your board when surfing and as a safety feature, the surf leash is there to help you.

Surf leash, also called as surf rope, is a rope made of polyurethane and mildly elastic urethane cords that keeps you connected with your board. It is pretty inexpensive but can be extremely important to save your life.

It acts as a floating device that connects you with your board when you are in the water, too far from the shore, tired, and lost. It also makes you easier to retrieve your board whenever you fall off cause the board will be right next to you.

As a rule, the surf leash must be at least in the same length as your surfboard and is better longer so that there is some room where you can move without being hit by your board.

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Surf Wax or Traction Pad

Surf wax is a wax that is applied to the deck of your surfboard in order to prevent you from slipping and sliding off your board.

It gives texture to the board, the reason why it prevents you from slipping, and therefore it is applied right on the area where your feet go.

Surf wax is pretty inexpensive and gives you a classic surfer image when you apply it to your board. A worth it routine to do!

If you want more style, functionality, and if you have more money, you can go with traction pad. No need to wax your board again and again.


Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen when you are about to surf whether you surf in cold or warm water.

Surfers are often exposed to the burning sun and it can be extremely dangerous for your skin. So, make sure to always have sunscreen with you when surfing.

Surf Ears

Surf earplugs might be small but it could really prevent you from suffering from exostosis or surfer’s ear, a condition where an abnormal bone grows in the ear canal as the cause of long-term exposure to the cold wind and water.

The risk of getting exostosis increase when the surfers reach the age of 30. Exostosis is often painful and can result infection or even affect the hearing. The only cure to the condition is surgery.

Therefore, it is best for you to keep yourself safe doing your fave hobby by using a pair of earplugs whenever you surf in cold waters.

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Surfboard Socks or Surfboard Bag

Surfboard is expensive. When you already have your new baby board that is installed with a fin setup, you definitely don’t want it to be scratched. Moreover, a surfboard can be sensitive and vulnerable to accidents.

Then, you will need to buy a surf bag where you keep your surfboard in. It can protect your board out of the water and on your way to the beach.

A professional ding repair of surfboard can be costly, so it’s better to keep a good care of your board and buying a surf bag is a worth it investment.

If you have spend the last time of your money to a surfboard, then you can go with surfboard sock. Cheaper alternative to boardbag, but with less features. A surfboard sock can help prevent scratch.


Having those 7 surfing equipments above can help you surf the first wave. You may see lots of surfers only with surf pants and tees breaking the wave.

Even some surfers choose to surf shirtless. Yeah you can surf shirtless usually in Dry Season! But with good surf wetsuit you will have good advantages as a beginner & especially in the wet season.

Using wetsuit can keep you warm in cold water, stay on even if you fall of your board, and absort some impact when you hit the water.

Those are the 8 essential surfing equipments to start your surfing journey. After getting the surf gears you hope for, it’s time to test and start your first wave. But remember, as a new learner you need to go to beginner’s surf spots before going to serious waves.

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