Latest Updates & Info on CoronaVirus (COVID-19) in Bali, Indonesia.


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Live Update : September 22, 2020 9:40 am

What is the current situation of Corona Virus in Bali?

Right now there's no lockdown in Bali and all Indonesia. But the local government and Balinese Banjar are taking some measures. You must wear mask outside. Modern markets must close at 11 PM. You will get penalty Rp100,000 if not wearing Mask.

Covid-19 Cases in Bali is at the highest level since Domestic tourism reopening. Please always wear mask and be safe! Bali is in the Red Zone List of Corona Virus.

There is a warrant from the Balinese government that calls for compliance with health protocols and some restrictions. Some of them are reducing employees to work in offices, reducing the number of visitors to tourist attractions, and limiting worship.There has been no information or official letter from the Balinese government regarding social restrictions or lockdown.

September Updates on Covid-19: Bali's plan to open its tourism for international tourist on September 11 is just a plan. Official words from Bali's Governor, I Wayan Koster per August 23rd, the initial plan to open Bali tourism on September is cancelled. According to Indonesian government, no plan to open its border for International Tourist at least until 2021.

Indonesia, in this case Bali, is focusing their tourism for local tourists & foreigners who already in Bali.

Online onshore application process is again extended to 5 October 2020. You must get new visa telex for expired Visa (Kitas, KITAP, free Visa) before 5 October 2020 or you will be kicked out! You can do online visa application starting from 3 August 2020. Below for more information.

Modern market and business are eligible to open from 8am to 11 pm with strict covid-19 protocols. Failure to do so will result in shut down. If you're going to local businesses don't forget to wear mask or else they will get shutdown!

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When Will Bali Reopen?

As per August updates, Bali is not gonna reopen or open its border for International tourists and flights until 2021. Bali is focusing its tourism industry for local tourists / domestic tourists.

What are the current visa restrictions in Bali?

As per 13 July 2020 updates: All foreigners in Bali & Indonesia and VISA holders must extend their VISA starting from July 13. You can apply for online onshore visa application until 5 October 2020 for ITAS, ITAP, VoA, Visa Exemption holders that are about to expire. Click Read More on full information and how to do online extension.

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Bali Reopening ?

1. Beaches in Bali are already reopened. Please follow the guideline and covid-19 protocols all the time!

2. Bali is focusing its tourism for local tourist (+foreigners already in Indonesia). Most businesses are open but limited to only accept 40% - 50% guests and only open up to 11PM.

Can I visit Bali now?

September Updates: You can visit or fly to Bali if you are:
1. Working - Get Business or Investor Visa. The process is hard. You need an agent to do this.
2. Family reunion - For family purposes. You can apply for C317 online offshore.

As per 25 April 2020, Indonesian government has banned all foreign arrivals and transits to Indonesian this of course includes Bali. Only travelers with a valid working permit and diplomats are allowed to enter and visit Bali.

These are the exception list that can visit Bali.
1. Foreigners who hold Indonesian Temporary Stay Permit (KITAP) or Permanent Stay Permit (KITAS),
2. Foreigners who hold Indonesian Diplomatic Visa or Service Visa,
3. Foreigners who hold Indonesian Diplomatic Stay Permit or Service Stay Permit,
4. Medical, food and humanitarian aid support workers,
5. The crew of means of transport,
6. People whose travel is associated with essential work for national strategies projects such as infrastructure or constructions.

Those foreigners in the list above must provide the following requirments:
1. a certificate of health (in English) issued by their local government's health authority, shows negative results for COVID-19 from a swab test based on the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
2. the foreigners must have stayed for 14 days in areas which not affected by COVID-19 outbreak before entering, evidenced by an immigration stamp or boardin pass,
3. statement of willingness to enter quarantine for 14 days in facilities provided by the Indonesian government.

Coming to Bali? Read more on 25 Insider Tips for Your Trip To Bali.

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What's the procedure of visiting / flying to Bali during Covid-19?

First, check the list above. If you are in one of those list then you can fly to Bali with this procedure.
1. You need to signup for recommendation before flying in this Official Website
2. You need to have negative result of SWAB/PCR Test
3. SWAB/PCR Test valid only within 7 days after test result. So you need to visit Bali within those 7 days or need to do another test.
4. You also need someone in Bali that can guarantee your visits.
5. Arriving in Bali, you need to do self-isolation/quarantine.

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Why do I have to Self Isolation & Stay Home?

By staying home and self isolate, you are helping humanity by not spreading the virus and flattening the curve!

Guide on Self Isolation

Where can I see full updates of Corona Virus in Indonesia?

You can check on the official website of Indonesian Covid-19 Update. For a complete data in Bali you can visit Official Bali Province Website. Those two websites are in Bahasa, that's why we made this page for foreign travellers that are still in Bali.

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Can I send package within Indonesia or to other countries?

As of today, you can still send and receive package from Bali to other countries or within Indonesia. Cargo flight is still open but limited to. Expect delay in delivery!

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So how do I get foods?

Fortunately, you can get foods and supply without leaving your house. Download & install the life safer GoJek app on your phone! All your needs in one place. You need coffee to start your day? BGS Coffee is available at GoFood!

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So, what can I do?

You can subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on corona virus in Bali. Also follow our blog to have good reads and information.

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What is the official emergency number for Corona?

CORONA EMERGENCY NUMBER in BALI Call 1500451 or (0361) 251177. WhatsApp +6285792240799.

Where are the official referral hospitals for Covid-19 in Bali?

RSUP Sanglah, Denpasar.
Telp: (0361) 227911-15
Click here for maps
RSUD Sanjiwani, Gianyar. Telp: (0361) 943049
Click here for maps
RSU Tabanan
Telp: (0361) 811027, 819810, 811202
Click here for maps
RSUD Kabupaten Buleleng, Singaraja.
Telp: (0362) 22046, 3307744
Click here for maps

WHO Official Website

For more information regarding Corona Virus, you can visit WHO Official Website.

5 Responses

    1. With the things going in and how the Indonesian government reacts, I highly doubt there will be total lockdown in the future. Just to let you know, Bali already reopened some beaches and allowing modern market & bussiness to open from 8am to 11pm with full covid-19 protocols. Really hope things going well soon. – Joe.

  1. Does anyone know a reliable source (website etc…) for the “do’s and don’ts” to enter Bali during the Covid 19 period.
    My wife has a ticket from Amsterdam to Denpasar, she has a spouse Kitas. We know she needs a negative CPR result, a filled in QR document, but there are rumours she needs to go in external quarantaine.
    It would be great if you could help. Thanks Bert

    1. Hi, first you need to sign up here

      and if you have KITAS and have flight to Bali available, after entering, you will have to do self isolation/quarantine.
      you will need someone/parties that can guarantee travel actors.
      please note that the expiration date of PCR/SWAB test only 7 days. So you will have to fly within those 7 days.

  2. Why do you let the wealthy brazilians and australian surfers stay in bali with covid. They cry that they can’t surf while indonesians aren’t allowed to. In all the years i have been in bali i have never seen such cry babies. The phoney brazilians partying at the bukit and on the beaches while others can’t go there

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