Offshore Visa Application is Open! You Can Finally Visit Your Lovely Bali


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Well, a good news we’ve been waiting for since our last update on Visa Policy is coming true. In short, you can apply offshore visa and visit Bali with b211a business visa.

To make it more official, you can see the original post on Indonesian Official Immigration Instagram below:

After exactly 4 months since the government last opened the business visa because of Covid-19, it seems like now we are going to the same phase again.

What Visa To Enter Bali Right Now?

Yeah, to have business visa you must have a company sponsor, or you should actually be working once you arrive in Bali.

But for the sake of the SEO of this contents, and because lots’ of people are so desperate to enter Bali, either for tourism, relieve stress, or works, hence the title. xD

Basically, you can enter Bali now with business visa, but as some of you already know, you need to have a company sponsor or you can buy the business visa b211a via agents.

Nowadays, some agents are charging up to 500USD for b211a visa (express delivery). Because in someway this is illegal, we do not want to promote the agents here.

One thing to note is that the VoA or tourism visas are still banned and not available. So, your only chance to enter Bali is by getting business visa b211a.

Things to Note When Entering Bali

Bali airport still has no direct international flights. As far as we know, you will have to transit to Jakarta first, take your PCR test, quarantine for 5 days in designated hotel, then you are free to go to Bali (if tested negative). Same old ways like in January phase.

We’ll keep you updated on this one. So feel free to leave a comment down below, or if you are one of the lucky few that already in Bali with this process, you can share your experience as well.

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  1. Hi I leave for Bali in three weeks. Do you think the 5 day quarantine will be lifted by then in Jakarta?

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