Coming to Bali? 4+ countries that are banned to enter Bali

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Planning the new year’s eve in Bali? or any other holidays you already have high hope for? Well, sad to hear that Bali – in this case, Indonesia – is banning visitors from these countries regarding Covid-19 in Bali.

Besides banning visitors from certain countries, the Indonesian official government also requires travelers from Europe and Australia to have negative 2×24 hours PCR test (no longer 7 days!).

This is the list of countries that are banned to enter Bali and Indonesia. (Read: won’t be able to process or get VISA/KITAS).

  1. UK
  2. Italy
  3. Netherlands
  4. Australi
  5. Denmark

Until today 23-12-2020, if you already have Visa approved then you can enter but you need 2x24hours negative PCR Test!

The reason for this regulation is that because there’s a new variant of COVID-19 in South Wales, UK. This new variant has a large number of mutations.

And some of the variants are dangerous /worrisome. At least, for Indonesian, extra protective measures are needed!

Please wear mask, follow Covid-19 regulations, and enjoy your time if you’re already in Bali.

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