You #StayHome! #WeDeliver Your Needs

You stay home! Shop your surfing gear and accessories online at and #WeDeliver right to your front door!
bgs we deliver program
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During this situation, we encourage you to do #socialdistancing but we know you still need to take care of your surfing gears. That’s why we are here!

Shop surfing gears, accessories, surfboards, surf fins, leashes, and more at

We will deliver any of your orders right to your front door! 100% Free Delivery! And we do know how important it is to be 100% sterile so we’ve less-contacts and sanitizing protocols in taking and delivering your orders!

How To Shop

  • Shop online at
  • At the checkout page,make sure you fill in your Bali Address. We advise to fill in full complete address.
  • If you are in North Bali (or places way far away from our stores) Do not opt-in for Cash on Delivery or Free Delivery. We will cancel the order immediately! Instead, choose Standard Shipping flat fee of 25k (3-5 days delivery)
  • On the Shipping Section, If you are within total distance of 10km, opt-in for Free Delivery.
  • On the Payment Section. You can choose between Cash on Delivery or Online Payment.
  • Cash on Delivery only eligible if your address is total distance of 10km of our stores.
  • For Online Payment, you will be redirected to our Payment Processor and you can pay with Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or GoPay.
  • If payment is successful, we will process the order right away.
  • Our team will check for eligibility of Free Delivery if within 10km of our stores.
  • If not eligible, we will automatically send via GoSend by Gojek and you are entitled to pay.
  • If you are in North Bali (places way far away from our Stores) and not opt-in for Standard Shipping. We will cancel your orders immediately!
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Terms & Conditions

  • 100% Free Delivery by our staff maximum 10km of our stores (Canggu, Dreamland, Uluwatu). FAST DELIVERY!
  • Cash on Delivery only available within 10km of our stores.
  • More than that, we will automatically send via GoSend by GoJek and you need to pay GoJek fee on products arrival. (Not included in the Orders)
  • To minimize misunderstanding of GoJek fee, we advise you to check the GoSend price first based on your location and our location nearest to you.
  • If you are in North Bali (places way far away from our Stores) and not opt-in for Standard Shipping. We will cancel your orders immediately!
  • BGS has the rights to automatically cancel the Free Delivery if more than 10km of our stores.
bgs we deliver program
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