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Uluwatu has the most serious waves in Bali. It’s on the first list of Bali Surf Trip for every surfer. In this article we will learn about Uluwatu Surf Spots and guide for surfing in Uluwatu.

As of right now (October) is the wet season in Bali, might be better for you to learn a bit about Uluwatu.

The name Uluwatu comes from ulu, meaning ‘lands end’, and watu, meaning ‘rock’. Just looking at the name you can imagine the area is standing on a hill – layers of tertiary limestone.

Uluwatu is an area of Bukit Peninsula and for the surfers, Uluwatu is on the top list of Bukit’s Surf Spots.

It also where the famous Pura Uluwatu located to watch Uluwatu Kecak Fire & Dance.

Surfing in Uluwatu

surfing in Uluwatu

Don’t confuse Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach. They are the same, but local, and surfers called it Uluwatu. Probably because the area name is Uluwatu.

To get to Uluwatu Beach you can just search on Google Maps either Uluwatu Beach or Suluban Beach. Both will take you to the same location.!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3942.681586414757!2d115.08608246410914!3d-8.815953992619262!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x2dd24ffeaa305bf9%3A0x6b7922fbf1aea067!2sSuluban%20Beach!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sid!4v1602727806798!5m2!1sen!2sid

Surfing in Uluwatu is known for the pros – advanced, and experienced surfers. You can watch how Kelly Slater surf in Uluwatu. And yeah, for those asking, you can visit Bali right now with B211A or Business Visa.

Kelly Slater probably got into Bali with either one of those Visas.

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Back to topic, in this article will talk about the Uluwatu Beach – the waves and the breaks.

Uluwatu Beach wave type is a reef break, a left break wave. The bottom is a very sharp reef and using reef booties might help a little thus making it only for the experienced surfers.

Uluwatu is a wide reef and consists of 5 different peaks that break left down the reef. Those 5 are Temples, The Bombie, Outside Corner, The Peak, and Racetrack.

The Temples

Surfing in Uluwatu: Spot & Guide (2020) 1
Photo by Lushpalm

The Temples is the farthest from the section of Uluwatu, and that’s why it is also the least crowded section. There are plenty of barrels if you are willing to paddle that far.

The name Temples comes from the The Temple that sits on the cliff just above the takeoff. It’s commonly the most un-swarmed area at Uluwatu as it is the uttermost up the line-up toward the south. Which means a long paddle that most surfers aren’t eager to make.

On the littler days, it is a decent alternative to discover a touch more size than what is coming through down the reef. Recommended surfboards types are Shortboard, Semi-gun or Gun.

The Bombie

Surfing in Uluwatu: Spot & Guide (2020) 2
The Bombie Uluwatu pic by Surf Indonesia

The Bombie is arranged right out back being the most presented to the huge vast sea swells and just takes a shot at the greatest of swells on a more elevated tide. It has seen the absolute greatest waves ridden in Indonesia and is a riding exhibition that must be checked whether you’re out traveling to Bali and the swell is maximizing.

The Bombie is the most profound wave and in its very own class. There are regularly just a modest bunch of surfers keen on the pinnacle. The enormous peak develops and raises as the more profound water transforms into shallow and it is shrewd to take a couple of additional crawls of length and liters of volume on your surfboard in case you’re excited about catching a Bombie’s bomb.

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Outside Corner

Some say Outside Corner is the most iconic and real surf spot in Uluwatu. Outside Corner works best with large swells (>8 feet) and at low tide. The lower the tide, the better is the wave. Surf with at least a 7″ board. It is a progression of long dividers useful for cutting and, once in a while, an excellent last cylinder.

And yeah, it is only for experienced surfers. For intermediate it’s a great spot to watch top surfers ripping the wave!

The Peak

Surfing in Uluwatu: Spot & Guide (2020) 4
The Peak pic by Surf Indonesia

The Peak is found straightforwardly out front of the cavern and is the most steady segment to the different waves at Uluwatu, getting a lot of swell, with sneaky pinnacles breaking in various spots of the reef. Here you will have the option to maneuver into some short and empty pits on take-off.

Apart from Outside Corner, the Peak is also a main attraction in Uluwatu wave because it’s most consistent. The Peak is best at mid and high tide, closes out at low tide.


Surfing in Uluwatu: Spot & Guide (2020) 5
Pic by Lushpalm

Racetrack is the last area along the reef, beginning to one side of you as you leave the cavern at the lower part of the bluff, it runs past the side of the precipice face towards Padang.

At best, The Racetrack can deliver barrels as expected. You’ll have a rippable open face followed by a depleting barrel nearly in precisely the same recognize without fail. It’s a wonderful thing.

It is a quick, a lot of sections with easy tubes. and long rippable area with makeable barrels depleting off the reef. Best at low tide yet gets excessively shallow on a very sharp reef.

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Tips in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is an area of Bukit Peninsula. It has village-y feel that makes it different in Canggu and some surfers love it! Here are some tips that could make you Surfing in Uluwatu experience better:

  1. Use reef booties. Uluwatu waves are reef breaks. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Be aware and careful while driving especially after evening/night surf session. Street lights are nowhere.
  3. Rent a scooter with surf rack on. It’s better to drive around and maybe you could find a secret spot!
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