Let’s Talk About Bali in 2024: Fun Fact

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Bali, the tropical paradise located in Indonesia, has long been a popular destination for travelers from around the world. With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, it’s no wonder that Bali attracts millions of visitors each year. In recent years, Bali’s tourism industry has experienced significant growth, and this trend is expected to […]

Bali – Island of Gods, Island of Lokals

Bali - Island of Gods, Island of Lokals 2

  Explaining the unexplainable is definitely not an easy job. As a traveller from Europe you get to see and experience Asia in many different ways: local food, nature, people – it’s all very unique from what we’re used to in the West. Bali never ceases to surprise one, no matter how many times or how […]

New BGS Location – Closer To You!

New BGS Location - Closer To You! 7

We caught up with Interior Designer Chelsey McPhedran from @somewhereconcepts to hear her thoughts on the upcoming – already – launched of BGS Ubud and what we should expect with the style and vibes of the new location! This is a featured story of BGS ZINE Vol #2. Grab one BGS ZINE available at all […]

Offshore Visa Application is Open! You Can Finally Visit Your Lovely Bali

Offshore Visa Application is Open! You Can Finally Visit Your Lovely Bali 8

Well, a good news we’ve been waiting for since our last update on Visa Policy is coming true. In short, you can apply offshore visa and visit Bali with b211a business visa. To make it more official, you can see the original post on Indonesian Official Immigration Instagram below: After exactly 4 months since the […]

Bali, Indonesia open its border for International Flights From 9 February 2021

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Yes you read that right! Starting from 9 February 2021 you can enter Bali, Indonesia but only with the right visas + strict covid-19 regulations. Please read the details here: From January 1st, 2021 Bali, Indonesia chose to closed the border for all international flights after months (Oct – Dec) receiving international tourists for December […]

Coming to Bali? 4+ countries that are banned to enter Bali

banned countries

Planning the new year’s eve in Bali? or any other holidays you already have high hope for? Well, sad to hear that Bali – in this case, Indonesia – is banning visitors from these countries regarding Covid-19 in Bali. Besides banning visitors from certain countries, the Indonesian official government also requires travelers from Europe and […]

Understanding Balinese Name & Meaning (2020)


First time coming to Bali will get you confused over Balinese people, especially their names. You could end up imagine why they almost have the same name, even for woman and man. At BGS, we have four staff share the same name, Komang. To help us communicate easily, we call them by their nickname. TL;DR: […]

The Island of Gods: Amazing Balinese Spiritual Experience 2020

balinese spiritual experience

There are saying that Covid-19 in Bali is low because its under protection of Gods. And this is what makes Bali is unique in other ways! Let’s learn more on this island of thousands gods: Balinese spiritual experience. Blessed with enchanted nature, great waves, and unique traditions, Bali places itself on the list of best […]

July 2021 Updates on CoronaVirus (COVID-19) in Bali

mencegah corona virus covid19

July 2021 Updates on Covid-19 in Bali: Jawa & Bali are in curfew (PPKM). Mall and public places are closed, restaurant/cafe must takeaway and open only until 8PM. Work from home for non-essential workers. Valid from July 3rd to July 20th. Please keep safe be conscientious of others.

Balinese Calendar 2020 – Bali Ceremonies & Holidays

bali ceremonies

Balinese Calendar 2020 – What makes Bali unique is their cultures. They have their own naming system, and Bali ceremonies happen almost all year. It’s because Bali local citizens are mostly Hindu and they have their own Balinese Calendar, Lunar-based calendar system called the Çaka calendar. Most of the year the Balinese Hindu has ritual […]