Bali, Indonesia open its border for International Flights From 9 February 2021

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Yes you read that right! Starting from 9 February 2021 you can enter Bali, Indonesia but only with the right visas + strict covid-19 regulations. Please read the details here:

From January 1st, 2021 Bali, Indonesia chose to closed the border for all international flights after months (Oct – Dec) receiving international tourists for December hypes.

A month after that, Indonesia released new regulations about temporary entry restrictions to enter Indonesia. Well basically the regulation are now back to that earlier October – December. But right now there are covid-19 regulations that are more stricts.

Type of Visas that can enter Bali, Indonesia

Starting 9 February 2021 until further notice, Indonesia restricts entry for foreign nationals. Indonesian citizens are NOT AFFECTED by the entry restriction.

The following categories of foreign nationals are permitted to enter Indonesia:

  1. Holders of Official Visa;
  2. Holders of Diplomatic Visa;
  3. Holders of Visitor Visa;
  4. Holders of Temporary Stay Visa;
  5. Holders of Official Stay Permit;
  6. Holders of Diplomatic Stay Permit;
  7. Holders of Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS);
  8. Holders of Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP).
  9. Registered Crew Members;
  10. Holders of APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC);
  11. Traditional Border Crossers;
  12. Subjects of bilateral Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA);
  13. Holders of a Special Permit from an Indonesian Ministry / Agency.

Please note on the no.3. The Visitor Visa on the list is limited to Business Visa (index B211). Getting this visa you need a company sponsor and got accepted by the related ministry. If you know about the Oct-Dec regulations, then you know where and how to do it.

We hate to say this, but looking at previous regulations, some agents may be selling this index B211 again to help international travelers to enter Bali. It now all depends on the immigration to accept this kind of application or not.

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Meanwhile the Free Visa & Visa On Arrival are not available at the moment. They are currently banned.

Covid-19 Regulations to enter Bali, Indonesia

Well, if you have the visa, ticket, and everything ready, then you need to read about this Covid-19 Regulations to enter Bali.

Every visitor must obey the compulsory health protocols upon arrival in Indonesia and:

  1. Provide a negative PCR test result. The test must be taken within 3x24hour prior to departure.
  2. Have been 14 (fourteen) days in regions/countries that are free of the Covid-19 virus;
  3. Complete an electronic Health Alert Card / e-HAC from
  4. Take an RT-PCR test upon arrival (COVID-19 positive individuals will be treated at a hospital).
  5. Quarantine for 5 days upon arrival at a designated location.
  6. Take another RT-PCR test after the 5-day quarantine.
  7. All costs of accommodation & tests are addressed to the travelers

All that crystal clear? Well kinda I believe.

What about visa application, either onshore & offshore visa application? To be honest, up until this post is published, there are no clear information.

Updates: No, you can’t apply for new visa offshore the moment. Those who already have visas before Jan 1,2021 are the only one can enter Bali, Indonesia.

Well, sit down and relax. I’ll try to get the most reliable information about this. or if you don’t have that relax, join the Indonesian Law & Regulations Group on Facebook.

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10 Responses

    1. How did you get the social visa? Everywhere I try to apply they say the visa application system is closed.

      1. No, you can’t get social visa for Now.
        those who have social visa are those who applied back then in Dec

  1. Dear Joe, how about these designated hotels – are they in Bali or Jakarta? Can I just stay in a hotel I pre-booked in advance? Or there is a list of hotels where all shall stay for 5 days?
    Is it still so strict or you can leave a hotel after getting results of PCR test taken at the airport?

    1. Designated hotels are in Jakarta. As far as I know you can book any other hotel in advance. Also there are list of hotels. It is also strict, you can not leave your hotel.

  2. One of the conditions mentioned in the article seems to exclude basically everyone on earth:
    “Have been 14 (fourteen) days in regions/countries that are free of the Covid-19 virus”
    – How are “regions/countries” defined? I can’t think of any country in the world that has no new virus cases.
    – Does “free of” the virus mean 0 new cases of the virus?

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