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We caught up with Afandy Dharma of Motion Skateparks to ask about the new bowl, here’s what he had to say!

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New Skatepark at Uluwatu Surf Villas 1
pic by @lawrencephoto

“Inspired surf villas itself, a jungle themed skatepark to build into the surrounding vegetation. Clay colored concrete, more organic feeling than your typical skatepark, with a mix of metal and concrete coping, super smooth, nothing too gnarly.”

A 145cm shallow end , mellow quarter pipes, and 250cm deep-end with nice transitions and a spine to connect everything. The concrete coping in the deep-end gives it that gnarly pool feeling with some tiles on it. Overall the finishing turned out great, truly representing the design.

We recently had past TampaAm vert winner Chris Gregson and X-Games medalist Neal Hendrix over, they were really stoked about the design and build, we were really honored by that!

We put all we can into these builds and do the best we can with the knowledge and materials we have.

Hopefully it will serve Uluwatu and the surrounding community for years to come, potentially bringing international competition one day!

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