Does Caffeine Really Help With Depression?

Does Caffeine Really Help With Depression? 1

Caffeine consumption is affiliated with a number of benefits and drawbacks. Often, in addition to a sense of alertness, one of the most common perks mentioned in discussions about caffeine consumption is a boost in mood. When it comes to depression, though, does caffeine really help? What Is Depression? First, let’s talk about what it […]

ADHD And Coffee: Can Caffeine Really Improve Your Symptoms?

ADHD And Coffee: Can Caffeine Really Improve Your Symptoms? 2

When you think of caffeine and the way it generally affects a person, you probably think of someone encountering a burst of energy or even jitteriness. However, many people with ADHD say that coffee, or caffeine in general, helps them focus and feel calm. This take is frequently seen on online forums and other similar […]

Bali, Indonesia open its border for International Flights From 9 February 2021

surfing in uluwatu

Yes you read that right! Starting from 9 February 2021 you can enter Bali, Indonesia but only with the right visas + strict covid-19 regulations. Please read the details here: From January 1st, 2021 Bali, Indonesia chose to closed the border for all international flights after months (Oct – Dec) receiving international tourists for December […]

Coming to Bali? 4+ countries that are banned to enter Bali

banned countries

Planning the new year’s eve in Bali? or any other holidays you already have high hope for? Well, sad to hear that Bali – in this case, Indonesia – is banning visitors from these countries regarding Covid-19 in Bali. Besides banning visitors from certain countries, the Indonesian official government also requires travelers from Europe and […]

Free BGS Mask with every BGS Tee purchase

bgs tee free mask

Bali’s government has allowed bussiness to open from 8am to 11pm but only with Strict Protocols! All customers must wear mask or else the business will be shut down. Get special BGS mask FREE on every order of BGS Tee!

Do These 8 Things as Your Therapy Habits During The Quarantine

things to keep yourself productive

Well as the latest update on corona virus in Bali, Indonesian has taken some measures. One of them is to keep you guys #stayhome. The idea of staying home sounds fun but what if it months not days or weeks. It possibly can crush you outside & inside. You might miss the good old days […]

July 2021 Updates on CoronaVirus (COVID-19) in Bali

mencegah corona virus covid19

July 2021 Updates on Covid-19 in Bali: Jawa & Bali are in curfew (PPKM). Mall and public places are closed, restaurant/cafe must takeaway and open only until 8PM. Work from home for non-essential workers. Valid from July 3rd to July 20th. Please keep safe be conscientious of others.