The Island of Gods: Amazing Balinese Spiritual Experience 2020

balinese spiritual experience

There are saying that Covid-19 in Bali is low because its under protection of Gods. And this is what makes Bali is unique in other ways! Let’s learn more on this island of thousands gods: Balinese spiritual experience. Blessed with enchanted nature, great waves, and unique traditions, Bali places itself on the list of best […]

Free BGS Mask with every BGS Tee purchase

bgs tee free mask

Bali’s government has allowed bussiness to open from 8am to 11pm but only with Strict Protocols! All customers must wear mask or else the business will be shut down. Get special BGS mask FREE on every order of BGS Tee!

Surfboards for Beginners: Best Guide in 2020

Surfboards for Beginners: Best Guide in 2020 2

It’s not surfing without the surfboards. Well, what you gonna use to surf? As an essential surfing equipment, now we are gonna talk about how to choose surfboards for beginners.

8 Essential Surfing Equipment You Must Have 2021

guy selling custom surfboard

There are no difference in surfing equipment between beginners surfers and advanced surfers. These 8 essential surfing equipment list are all needed by surfers. The only thing that makes it different between beginner surfers and advanced surfers is that advanced surfers have deep understanding of each surfing equipment and gears. Also, advanced surfers have lots […]